Main concern: how the iPhone 13 and other Apple developments ended up


Redesigning your iPad

It's called only that: the iPad 2021. It's got further developed specs, with an A13 Bionic chip inside. That's not
awful considering it's running the new iPad OS. In the event that you lash on a console, it replaces a straightforward PC
for working with online archives or basic photograph handling.

The starter unit is exceptionally unusual and, surprisingly, humiliating by today's guidelines, in light of the fact that 64GB isn’t anything.
All things considered, the subsequent stage is directly to 256GB, and the cost begins at 45,000 roubles (Wi-Fi form).

The iPad smaller than normal was displayed straightaway. It has been updated – the side edges are level, similar to the iPhone 12.
The gadget is little, with a 8.3-inch screen. It very well may be held with one hand, we have been shown this
a few times in promotion recordings.

The determinations are first class, under the 'bonnet is the new A15 Bionic chip. An extraordinary screen, as
last year's (presently we can say that) iPhone 12. New 12MP cameras, both front and back.

Yet, in particular, it has a USB-C port, which makes it truly valuable. Because of the new
working framework, you can interface hard drives, outside screens and, surprisingly, an expert camera to
it to move documents.

With everything taken into account, the iPad scaled down is a beast concerning highlights. Notwithstanding, I can't legitimize for myself the
appearance of this gadget accordingly. You can't put it in your pocket, and that implies it's a thingamajig for a sack
or on the other hand rucksack, and assuming this is the case, why not, for instance, get a customary iPad Pro with a bigger showcase?

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 (or 3) improves at of having a little tablet to finish things.
There's a feeling that Apple is attempting to remove this specialty. However, a foldable cell phone that you can
put in your pocket simply appears to be more advantageous to me. In the event that you don't get joined to an environment. Yet
let's continue on.

Cost: from £62,000 (Wi-Fi variant).

There are less expensive 64GB variants, however that's crazy. Totally don’t get a gadget with such a
little capacity unit.

Apple Watch 7

They've developed the screen: it's now frameless and looks cool! 70% more brilliant inside in on all the time
mode. All menu things and all inherent applications have been changed in accordance with the new screen, extending the
fastens and adding text. As long as 18 hours on a solitary charge.

The upgrades are infinitesimal, in any event, in light of the time gave to the watch during the
show. Definite costs have not yet been declared, however assuming you decipher from the authority
site, it ends up being around 40,000 rubles.

Smiling pretty young woman, relaxes on the sofa in her living room while using her mobile smart phone for social media and surfing the internet

iPhone 13

Situated the cameras distinctively contrasted with the iPhone 12. In the underground you will
promptly recognize who has the new gadget and who has the "old" one. In any case, the plan
hasn't changed. The new iPhone 13 small scale has likewise been delivered, notwithstanding the disappointment of last year's
form. The screen is 28% more brilliant – presently 1,200 nits. (Leaders from contenders had a brilliance of
1,500 nits back a year ago.)

New A15 Bionic chip. Presently Apple isn't contrasting itself with last year's cell phones, yet to the business
pioneers – clearly top-end Samsung. For instance, the handling centers are 50% more
strong and the illustrations centers 30% more impressive than the top contenders.

It appears to be that the upgrades over last year's own models are minor to the point that the organization has
chosen to raise the stakes in this manner for magnificence

Further developed the camera sensor and added on-sensor adjustment. The pixels got greater and the focal points
allow in more light. Made an artistic mode in the camera for video recording. Presently the cell phone
itself comprehends when the legend is taking a gander at the camera and movements the concentration to him, or takes the
concentrate away when the legend dismisses and doesn’t investigate the edge.

The battery is better, on account of processor streamlining and a bigger actual size. Numbers have not
been given to us, obviously.

iPhone 13 small – from 70,000 roubles.
iPhone 13 from 80,000 roubles.

iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max

Remotely it has not changed at all, with the exception of the "fringes". It is 20% more modest on all iPhones,
counting the 13 and 13 scaled down renditions. The Posh has worked on the GPU, with half better designs
centers than the opposition.

The presentation powerfully changes invigorate rate from 10Hz to 120Hz. At last, Apple has found
both the opposition and itself. The 120 Hz invigorate rate showed up in the iPad Pro back in 2018. Also,
Android cell phones have had 240 Hz screens since last year, yet in gaming arrangements. With everything taken into account, the
highlight isn’t new, yet it will be fascinating to see how Apple has managed it.

The cameras are generally good and allowed in more light. They guarantee 92% improved outcomes while shooting in
the dim. The super wide-point camera likewise shoots better and observably more clear. However, for the time being we
need to take the company's word for it. The fax camera has a marginally higher optical zoom than
previously, zooming in at 3x. The camera guarantees look encouraging, however this should be tried with
our own hands.

We've added styles to the camera – similar as presets for Lightroom, just inside the camera. That is,
first pick a style, then snap a picture.

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