Joby, the producer of photograph and video extras, has quite recently reported new items committed
to the iPhone 12 and late iPhone 13 with MagSafe innovation: the GripTight for MagSafe, the
MagSafe viable pull cup mount and the GripTight GorillaPod pack for MagSafe . The outcome is a
quick emotionally supportive network for ongoing Apple cell phones.

GripTight and MagSafe, the triumphant team
Sent off in 2017, Joby's GripTight range is focused on cell phone clients searching for minimal and
commonsense stands or mounts.

Created going full speed ahead from photography to cell phones, this reach has developed over the course of the years to
hold just three references: the GripTight One, the GripTight Pro and the GripTight Smart. While the
GripTight One is a straightforward cell phone holder with a versatile clasp, the GripTight Pro adds the
capacity to utilize the cell phone in representation mode and has extra mounts for adding frill. The
GripTight Smart, then again, offers manual locking for added security.

In 2021, 1 year after the arrival of the principal iPhones outfitted with MagSafe attractive innovation,
which permits you to effortlessly connect frill and charge the telephone, Joby is it its first to send off
MagSafe viable frill for content makers, and especially for vlogging. .

Joby GripTight for MagSafe
The primary frill is a MagSafe viable GripTight clip. This takes up the overall thought of the
first GripTight sections, while incorporating the MagSafe and a 360 ° revolution of the cell phone.

Mount JOBY GripTight Mount With MagSafe JB01752 BWW Back Phone Mag Vertical GHOSTMount
JOBY GripTight Mount With MagSafe JB01752 BWW Back Phone Clamp Horizontal GHOST
The holder can accordingly be rapidly and attractively appended to an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 viable
with MagSafe. On account of its 360 ° pivoting hub, the cell phone can be arranged upward or
on a level plane. Notwithstanding a ¼ “screw string which makes it viable with any mount, including
the GorillaPod, the base has two screw strings on the sides which permits the expansion of GorillaPod
arms, a receiver or LED lighting, changing the entire into a genuine vlogging rig.

It ought to be noticed that notwithstanding the attractive connection of the MagSafe, this adaptation of the
GripTight support has a cinch that naturally changes with the width of the cell phone because of a
arrangement of strong springs. This makes it conceivable to join the speed of MagSafe with the security
of a mechanical gripper, a benefit over contending arrangements.

Mount JOBY GripTight Mount With MagSafe JB01752 BWW Side ClampMount JOBY GripTight Mount
With MagSafe JB01752 BWW Side Mag
The GripTight for MagSafe gauges 90g and measures 16.1 x 3.1 x 6cm. It can accordingly slip effectively into
the pocket when collapsed.

Friends Spending Time With Smartphones Outside

A unit comprising of the GripTight clip for MagSafe and a GorillaPod 1K mount is likewise accessible for a
prepared to-utilize arrangement.

A MagSafe viable pull cup mount
The other adornment disclosed by Joby is the MagSafe viable pull cup. This permits you to fix
your iPhone 12 or 13 on a level and smooth surface like a mirror, a tile or a window.

Joby Griptight Magsafe IPhone 9Joby Griptight Magsafe IPhone 10
You can undoubtedly envision the utilization: to counsel a formula in your kitchen, follow a cosmetics instructional exercise in front
of your mirror or even film yourself without holding your cell phone.

Notwithstanding a connection, this holder has a link the executives framework so the wires don’t
get tangled while charging the telephone.

Mount JOBY GripTight Wall Mount With MagSafe JB01754 BWW Cable Wrap CON1 GHOSTMount
JOBY GripTight Wall Mount With MagSafe JB01754 BWW Cable Wrap CON1 Copia GHOST
This attractions cup can likewise stay put on the cell phone as a finger support to more readily hold
your telephone.

Cost and accessibility of MagSafe viable Joby GripTight adornments
These three new iPhone adornments are accessible today on Amazon as well as on the Joby store at
the accompanying costs:

€ 39.95 for the GripTight holder for MagSafe
€ 69.95 for the GripTight GorillaPod Kit for MagSafe
€ 24.95 for the GripTight pull cup divider mount for MagSafe
Our most memorable assessment on MagSafe viable Joby GripTight adornments
Joby, an auxiliary of Vitec Imaging Solutions, is focused on happy makers by creating inventive
frameworks for cell phones and cameras for a long time. The most recent MagSafe viable Joby iPhone
adornments are intriguing on the grounds that they fit into the environment of Joby extras like amplifier
or on the other hand LED lights or adaptable GorillaPod mounts.

We could burden Joby as a supporter, particularly against Moment which has created since November
2020 a progression of structures, obsessions, cases and mounts viable MagSafe, yet obviously the twofold
attractive connection and clasp gets the set for the individuals who are more wary despite the
attractive framework. It additionally makes the GripTight mount viable with any cell phone, which is
significant on the grounds that not every person has an iPhone.

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