Half a month after its delivery, the iPhone 13 is now the subject of various tests on the Web.
While we will before long divulge our own on SFR Actus, whenever we have set aside some margin to take it close by, its
Expert Max variant has outstandingly been investigated on PhoneBuff. A notable YouTube divert in the
industry, which scrutinizes the lead cell phones existing apart from everything else …

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Lately, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has wound up in spite of itself in the viewfinder of PhoneBuff.
The Youtubeur, especially famous for his limit "drop tests", has to be sure uncovered 3 recordings, in
which he along these lines tests the protection from shocks, yet additionally the speed and independence of the most high-
end cell phone in Apple. Also, to show how this new iPhone shields itself, he looks at it to its
partner at Samsung: the Galaxy S21 Ultra. While sitting tight for the following delivery – deduced at the
start of 2022 – of the new Galaxy S22 territory, we can for sure consider that it is this model of the
Korean monster which is at present its nearest rival.

Let's start with the battery test, the latest posted by PhoneBuff this Saturday, October 2 on
YouTube. Whenever it disclosed its new iPhone, the Apple brand valued the way that they acquired
impressively in independence. If it never itself indicates the force of the battery on the information sheets of its
gadgets, PhoneBuff demonstrates that that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 4,352 mAh. This is still considerably less
than that of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, of 5,000 mAh.

But, to show that size isn’t all that matters, PhoneBuff observes that Apple's top-of-the-range model
Yet again endures longer than Samsung's. What’s more, in addition to a little: the iPhone 13 Pro Max stays on for no
under 2.5 hours longer than the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Note that it additionally shows improvement over its own
ancestor, actually staying 15% of battery in the test when the iPhone 12 Pro Max had at last kicked the bucket.

Then, at that point, it's time for execution. In a past video, shared on September 30, the YouTube channel
zeroed in on how quick the iPhone 13 Pro Max contrasted with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Utilizing an automated arm
equipped for performing tedious motions, PhoneBuff completed this test by having it open a
series of indistinguishable applications consistently, by enacting the selfie camera, by sending off a
computer game. , or by applying a channel on a photograph.

Shot of a woman using her cellphone while sitting on a chair against a blue wall

Toward the beginning, the Chaebol's cell phone took a little yet by the by clear lead, exploring more
smoothly between applications. Be that as it may, when gadgets wind up sending out a video, it's Apple's

valuable that sticks out: albeit the Galaxy S21 Ultra had previously begun this errand at 26% when the
iPhone 13 Pro Max got on it. , the last option wrapped up sending out the video first. Among that and
the quicker send off of versatile games, that is to say, assignments that require somewhat more exertion from the processor,
the Apple cell phone hence figures out how to complete the race ahead of the pack, regardless of whether it is to say generally tad of
things close.

To wrap things up, the test not suggested for delicate spirits: the well known "drop test", that of
sway opposition! Yet again PhoneBuff isn’t going dead hand in this video distributed on
September 26, finishing with iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy S21 Ultra practically obliterated, just to see
what they can persevere… The YouTuber does them fall a few times, from 1.5 meters high, on
substantial then on a steel plate, on the back, on the corner and on the screen. Result, without extraordinary
shock: from the main fall, the two cell phones endure a shot, being now totally broke on the back.

Yet, we see that Samsung's is improving, safeguarding its back camera module while
Apple's has likewise been broken. Rebelote after the fall on the front side: the screen of the iPhone 13
Star Max experienced somewhat more than that of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, despite the fact that its ancestor had
endured the shock of this trial … Then, in the event that the two gadgets proceeded in any case to work well
up to that point, after a few falls, it is the Apple model which has shown a greater number of breakdowns than its
contender, consequently announced the huge champ of this "drop test" by PhoneBuff.

Knowing that, obviously, you won’t ever put your cell phone to such a serious test yourself, has all
this by the by persuaded you regarding the nature of the iPhone 13 Pro Max?

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